The Iron Age is over.

Our Story

Ironing is the worst. Introducing Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle, a plant-based wrinkle releaser spray for clothing. Family owned & inspired. Look and feel your best without sacrificing precious time. We make everything in the land of the free, home of the brave and give a portion of all profits to help others in need*.

The Tom & Sheri's Story

Years ago, my mom Sheri gave up on ironing and created a homemade wrinkle releaser spray. It was a game changer. No more irons, no more hassle and best of more wrinkles. I saw a need for this product when friends kept stealing mine, so in 2018, I set out to perfect the formula and share the magic with the world.

The goal? To make a modern wrinkle releaser... efficient, effective, and plant-based. (Bonus: it smells great too!) After several trial runs, Tom & Sheri's "Iron in a Bottle" became a reality.

I named the company Tom & Sheri's Products after my parents who've always been my inspiration and support. We believe no one should live under the tyranny of ironing and wrinkled clothes. The Iron Age is over. Join the Wrinkle Revolution to save time and look and feel your best.

--Austin Eudaly, Founder

Removes wrinkles. Convenient to use. Great for travel. Refreshes clothing.

*We support awesome non-profits like Attitudes & Attire, For Oak Cliff, ACT for JusticeMicaela's Army and several other teams helping those in need.